Admissions Coordinator & School Support Specialist

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States Full-time

Veritas Press is a Christian organization dedicated to providing the best classical Christian education materials and services anywhere. We are in need of an Admissions Coordinator/School Support Specialist to assist our Dean of Students, Headmaster, and VSA Staff.


This is a full-time (40 hours per week) position at the Lancaster, PA office. This position works closely with the Dean of Students, Headmaster, and VSA Staff to facilitate the daily operations of the school and its programs.

Some Responsibilities:

Full-Time Program Admissions

  • Helps families understand details associated with VSA’s full time program
  • Works in tandem with Sales Consultants to on-board new families
  • Manages the new student application/enrollment process with families
  • Tracks and ensures prompt, courteous interaction with families
  • Manages accounts with schools enrolling students in VSA courses
  • Conducts grading of placement tests

Family/Student Development

  • Strives to build relationships with VSA families, as directed by Dean of Students
  • Monitors the diploma email account and communicates with families via phone
  • Serves Classic families as Consultant and applies academic requirements and makes adjustments to course plans
  • Supports consultants as questions are asked by consultants and families
  • Provides basic quality assurance of consultants’ work
  • Coordinates New Student Mentor program, ensuring new students become acclimated to VSA
  • Supports Dean of Students in student government activities

Internal Administration

  • Serves as point of contact for VSA Consultants
  • Conducts/coordinates course transfers
  • Submits consultants’ compensation details to Director of Operations
  • Constructs and maintains documents pertaining to VSA programs and services (e.g., informational spreadsheets)
  • Performs compiling, verifying, and sending transcripts and report cards
  • Maintains Highest Honors documentation and assists with selection process
  • Creates/revises Course Assignment Sheets (CAS’s) as needed
  • Ensures teacher welcome archives are constructed annually
  • Performs materials checks in Learning Management System
  • Produces teacher and consultant contracts from template, submits to headmaster, and then delivers to independent contractors
  • Partners with teachers to coordinate announcements re: NCEE, NLE, NME
  • Helps coordinate graduation logistics
  • Assists in delivery of various EOYG events
  • Communicates with Cairn U. re: dual enrollment courses taken by VSA students
  • Records college acceptances and other alumni plans
  • Assists Dean of Students in management of school trips – administration, coordination with travel agency, communicates with families
  • Organizes and maintains Educational Accommodations process for Dean of Students
  • Organizes and maintains Disciplinary Action Forms process for Dean of Students
  • Organizes and maintains Independent Studies, You Teach Diploma courses, and External courses in tandem with Administrative Manager
  • Assists VSA’s Dean of Students and the Headmaster as needed

Skills and Qualifications:

  1. Conversant with and supportive of the reformed faith and classical Christian education according to the VSA Statement of Faith and Philosophy
  2. Understanding of VSA curriculum and services
  3. Understanding of VSA graduation requirements
  4. Excellent written and oral communication skills
  5. Ability to listen well and capture new information when presented
  6. Moderate mathematical skills and the ability to apply them to practical situations
  7. Process precision and accuracy in working with data
  8. Able to work diligently without direct supervision
  9. Proficient in handling detailed work
  10. Process oriented and proficient with data
  11. Experience with Word, Excel, Google, Gmail, general computer skills
  12. Workload efficiency and multitasking capabilities

Physical Demands:

  1. Standing, walking and sitting for long periods of time
  2. Extensive typing on QWERTY style keyboard
  3. Extensive viewing of lighted computer monitor
  4. Speaking and hearing
  5. Reaching and bending
  6. Lifting up to 25 lbs
  7. Using hands to perform tasks
  8. Working in standard office conditions with and near electronics


A bachelor’s degree is preferred, but not required

Compensations and Benefits:

Competitive salary based on experience. Benefit Package includes PTO, Health and Matching 401k.


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